BiscoMisr’s outlets across the country have undergone extensive changes in both their outer and inner designs that added consistency and brand-recognition to BiscoMisr brand name.

Today all BiscoMisr’s outlets carry the company’s new sign and logo, offering sweet-toothed customers a variety of confectionary products across the country.

BiscoMisr Regularly widens its network of outlets across Egypt and it has now reached 36 outlets in almost all governorates.


The company has adopted an innovative business model to develop and increase its product distribution and company exposure through the “Franchise Project”, New showrooms opened in greater Cairo in 2012 showing good sales results.

 Cairo Showrooms
 Cairo Showrooms  Address Tel.
Kobbaa district
 Kobbaa 1  central showroom, Sawah St., El-Almeria district. 02-22866600, Ext. 6470
 Kobbaa 2 (Front)  central showroom, Sawah St., El-Almeria district.  02-22866600, Ext. 6471
 Kobbaa 3 (Behind)  central showroom, Sawah St., El-Almeria district. 02-22866600, Ext. 6472
 Hadayek El-Kobbaa  Masr& El-Sodan St., Hadayek district.  02-22866600, Ext. 8107
Deir El-Malak 47 Masr & El-Sodan St. 01275353107
 Talaat Harb  Talaat Harb St,beside to the cinema Radio  02--
Mohamed Farid  Bank Misr, Mohamed Farid St.  (Moving Showroom)
 Alfy Square   Alfy St,front of the National Authority for Social Insurancee  (Moving Showroom)
Heliopolis district
 Heliopolis  Inside Heliopolis Club. ;  02-22866600, Ext. 8104 
 Heliopolis  Sohaj St., Off Harun al-Rashid  02-2
 Shams Club  Inside the Shams Club..
 Sheraton Sheraton Masaken - front of a mosque El-sedekk  (Moving Showroom)
Nasr City district
  Nasr City   mosadat El-Agnabya ,Cross the road El-nasr with Makram Ebeid St.  02-26702423 
Shooting Club  Inside the Egyptian Shooting Club  02-22866600, Ext. 8108
 Wezart El zeraa  Shooting Club St,   Wezart el zeraa outlets  02-22866600, Ext. 8113
Central Dokki  Wezart El-zeraa st, in front of Central Dokkii  02-22866600, Ext. 8112
 Wadi Degla Club   Inside Wadi Degla Club, Zahraa Maadi  02-22866600, Ext. 81033
Ain Shams district
Ain Shams   97 Zahraa Ain Shams St.  01022134225
Faisl  Amir El-moamenin St, Kafr Tohormos, Faisal ;
Haram 15 Khalid Amin St, Of Arish St.- Haramm  01001606374
Giza Square  El-sok El-Togary - Giza Square. ;  02-25730386 
Ahmed oraby  Markz Togary - Ahmed Oraby St. ;  02-22866600, Ext. 8109 
Ghamra district
Ghamra 190 Ramsis St. front of el omm Hospital 011168438122
 6 October district
 October El hosry mosque - zamzm mall - 6 October  01063291842
Shoubra El-Khima  district
 Shoubra El-Khima   El-Moaassa Square.   01000159152 
 Shoubra El-Khima    15 May St, front of the Second police station.   02-22866600, Ext. 8111 
 Shoubra Misr ;district
Shoubra Misr   117 Khlousy St.   02-22866600, Ext. 8106 
Kolly 3 El zahar St. from Galaa St. " beside hosapair Theater"   02-22866600, Ext. 810
Ramadan Month (Only)
Sawah Showroom  Sawah St. beside Novartis Co.   
Gesr El-Swiss Showroom Gesr El-Swiss St. - manshiyat el tahrir  
El-Almeria Showroom Behind Seht El-Almeria - El-Almeria Square  22830000 
El Salam Showroom City of El Salam - Especo - front of Othman School  

 Alexandria Showrooms
 Alexandria Showrooms Address Tel.
 Attareen Showroom  100. Massaged El-Attreen St., El-Manshia District.  03-3336600, Ext. 8540
 Victoria Showroom  Gamal Abd El-Nasser St. behind Victoria train
 station, Victoria District.
 03-3336600, Ext. 8119
 Seyouf 1 Showroom  Gamila Abo Heart El-Syuof Behind Biscomisr
 factory, El-Awayed District.
 03-3336600, Ext. 7481
 Seyouf 2 Showroom  El-Teraa st El-Syuof behind Biscomisr factory,
  El-Awayed. District.
 03-3336600, Ext. 7482
 Sidi Basher Showroom  45 Kalil Hamada St., Sidi Basher District.  03-3336600, Ext. 8118
 Backus Showroom  32 El-Ezah St., Backus district.  03-3336600, Ext. 8121
 Semouha Showroom  Commercial entrance -Behind Zahran mall,
 Semouha district.
 03-3336600, Ext. 8116
 Semouha Club Showroom  Inside Semouha club Front Jungle garden,
 Semouha district.
 03-3336600, Ext. 8117
 Wahdan Showroom  13 Commercial room St., El-Manshia district.  03-3336600, Ext. 8115
 Cleopatra Showroom  Front Cleopatra train station, Cleopatra district.   --
 EL-Nozha Showroom  Kanal El-Mhmodia St. behind Biscomisr factory
  (Arabisco), El-Nozha district

Delta Showroomsooms
 Delta Showroomsooms Address Tel.
 Mansoura Showroom  Suez Canal St., Al-Sedeek Building in front of Milk
  Factory, Dakahlya region.
 02-22866600, Ext. 8123
 Zakazik Showroom  3 Al-Shams Street - Alray Buildings, Sharqiya
 02-22866600, Ext. 8124

Canal Showrooms
 Canal Showrooms Address Tel.
 Ismailia Showroom  Ibrahim Salamh square No. 63, Ismailia region.  02-22866600, Ext. 8122

Upper Egypt Showrooms
 Upper Egypt Showrooms Address Tel.
  Assiut Showroom  El-Galaa St. Beside Elakaad Hospital, Assiut region. 088-2294372


As BiscoMisr considered one of the pioneers in the confectionary market, establishing branches or distribution centers in all governorates is a strength which trade coverage benefit from. Big fleet for each branch is well equipped to serve the market.

 Location Address Tel.
 Head Office  Sawah St. , El-Ameria  02-22866600   
 Greater Cairo   Sawah Square   02-22866600
 Shobra El-Khima   15 May St. --
 Alexandria   Gamila Abo Hereit St. ( Seyouf Factory )  --
 Zakazik  Masaken El-Ray  055-2307914 
 Mansoura  Shonet Bank El-Tanmeia  050-2390292
 Ismailia  Sh   EKH Zayed – near El-Kamash Hospital  064-3222207
 Suez  Gabaliet Sayed Hashem  064-3311378 
 Fayom  Medan El-Hawatem  084-6332929 
 Asyout  El-Galaa St.  088-2294372-2294373 
 Almenia  El-Menia El-Gededa ( 22-23 )  086-2295362
 Sohag  Industrial Zone 2 - El-Kawthar  093-2280921 
 Luxor  El-Nozha El-Gededa behind Luxor station  095-2365010
 Aswan  El-Matar St.  097-2302454 
 Tanta  Hafez Wahby St.  040-9113663
 Shebeen El-Kom  El-Sharkawy St.  048-2325276 

Hot Line: 16944

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