BiscoMisr owns three main facilities, one in Cairo and two in Alexandria, where it produces and distributes its famous favorites such as the market leader plain biscuit Luxe, alongside BiscoMisr’s range of cakes and wafers.

Cairo Facility
Cairo facility is located in El Sawah Street in Al Amiriyah central Cairo, Where also the headquarter exists. It was built in 1957. Cairo facility specializes in producing the delicious energy boosting date bar Datto, wafer biscuits and corn flakes, baked goods, cakes, Kahk and ghorayeba (Seasonal confectionaries). Cairo Factory has state-of-art production lines including two new ones commissioned within the last two years.


Alexandria Facilities
Arabisco factory at Al Nozha district was acquired by the company in 1963 from its original Greek owner, George Arabensis. This facility produces various kinds of plain, filled, coated and salty biscuits and some seasonal confectionaries such as BiscoMisr’s famous Eid biscuits.

BiscoMisr’s third factory was built in 1987 and is located in Al Seyouf. This facility produces Luxe Biscuits, fundo Cakes, Fresh biscuits and Mint.

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